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Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 05/27/2023

Brush/Brushless Pens: Advantages, Disadvantages  03/14/2022

Piercing Tools Package - Bad English  01/05/2022

Kentucky Threading Jewelry Rule (h)  Updated 04/29/2021

Kentucky Hollow Needle Rule (f) Posted 04/29/2021

Why it's not safe to  "Leave at your Door" Posted 01/15/2021

Aftercare 01 Added 20190812

Aftercare 02 Added 20190812

Flats, Magnums, Stacks, Micro Blading Needless 20190612

Titanium Leaching  Added 03/07/1

316L versus F138  Edited 2018

Unimax in 2012, Hurricane Sandy

Letter to Chuck Norris 20191207

How do I read pouches

Threading for Gold Jewelry 
From 2003, re-edited in 2017

Nickel in Jewelry Allergy may be caused by healthy diets.  08/13/2017

Aerosols are not known to present a risk of transmission

What are Antiseptics, Germicides, Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation,

OSHA Bloodborn Regulations (Standards) apply to tattoo and piercing.

Skin Infections Among Tattoo Recipients

Glutaraldehyde, Potency, Cidex, Metricide, Sterilizing Liquids,

Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization Westley W Wood, Wes Wood,

Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization

Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization

Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization

Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization

Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization

Employee's clothes, street clothes,

Cold Sterilization Comments, Gluteraldehyde, Liquid Sterilize,

Comments, Text, Tattoo Needles, Contaminated Sharps, Blood in Infection Contol,


Disinfectant Soaks for Tools

Dry Heat or Steam Sterilization, What to choose, Sterilization Technology,

Editorial Infection Control Regulations for Tattoo and Piercing,

Evidence is required to justify regulation

Exposure Control Plan Determinations

Food and Drink in contaminated areas
smoking applying cosmetics or lip balm, and handling contact lenses

Forcep Comments

Surgical or Examination Gloves Standards Regulations

Gowns, aprons, and other Protective Body Clothing

UNIMAXWEST in Arlington Texas 2010-2018

Object of Hand Disinfection, Scrubbing, Microbial Flora, Chlorhexidine, Handwashing Sink,

Tattoo Healing Explained, How do tattoos Heal? Wounds Heal,

Worst article on Hepatitis A & B

Yearly bloodborn pathogen training


Appropriate Disinfectants for Cleaning

Protective coverings for equipment

Housekeeping - protective coverings for equipment and environmental surfaces

Reading sterilization indicators.

How do I read pouches

IBAA International Body Arts Association

Definition of Infection Control,

Ink Ingredients and Laser Removal

Contaminated Laundry


Prevalence of Body Art, MAYO Clinic

Mill Certificates, ASTM, Standards, Stainless Steel,F138

Methods of Compliance

Contaminated Needles

Occupational Exposure means

OPIM Other Potentially Infectious Materials

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning contaminated items

Employer responsibility to protect employees

Definition and Goals of Public Health

Red Cross Lifts Tattoo Donor Ban

Regulated Waste OSHA

Servicing or shipping equipment

Contaminated Sharps Discarding and Containment

Shelf Life

Spore Testing.

Suffolk County Regs, (Proposed) Examined by Wes Wood

Additional Sterilization Comments

Sterilization Testing

Environmental surfaces

Tattoo removal liquids

Toxic Tattoo Ink Report is a Sham

Toxic Tattoo Ink Rebuttal

Triclosan: a review of effectiveness

Ultrasonic cleaners

Unimax Sterilizing from 1990

Unimax Sterilizing Suggestion

Unimax Sterilizing Suggestion

Universal Precautions

Utility gloves may be decontaminated

Hepatitis B Vaccination and Post-exposure Evaluation and Follow-up

Work Practice Controls

Worst Stuff

Crain's New York Business Edition

How can I tell if something is sterile. How do I know if something is sterilized.


Shelf Life


Sterile Water New Rule