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Rule (f ) would eliminate 3 Inventions
in use for decades made to enhance piercer safety.

Section 902 KAR 45:070, 10, p(2),  (f)
Rule (f) “Only” hollow needles are to be used for piercing
  prohibits the currently used solid piercing needle, also prohibits the use of "stepped-down" externally threaded piercing jewelry, also eliminates the internally threaded needle which requires externally threaded 14G and 16 jewelry. These three were designed to simplify and enhance safety of the piercer and the client, proven safe, in use for 20 years.
We ask KDPH to eliminate these rules.

The currently used “Sleeve Needle” combines the advantage of the medical solid suture needle with a medically used catheter sleeve.  The Solid Sleeved Needle with safety finger pusher is in use for more than 20 years.

The new rules will stifle development, freezing them at this level.

A Solid Sleeve Needle

Use of Stepped-Down Externally Threaded Jewelry

Stepped-down threading fits inside the back of the same gauge needle without threading of the needle.
For 14 Gauge Jewelry the threading on the bar is 16 Gauge.
For 16 Gauge jewelry the threading on the bar is 18 Gauge.

Internally Threaded 14 Gauge Needle and 16 Gauge Needle
Same size needle and same size jewelry

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