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To err is human.
To persist in error affecting the lives of millions is diabolical. 

Henry Such Smith

The Unimax System  ADVANTAGES:e

No contaminated anything in your shop.
Does it make sense to have a contaminated area,
especially as a permanent part of a shop....

No need for extensive use of disinfection chemicals
attempting to disinfect the contaminated area
exposing personnel and the environment to additional hazards.  
A reduction in expenses.

No possibility of being stuck or scratched 
with contaminated instruments, needles or tools.
-- E-liminate that threat. --
E-liminate the "off-limits" contaminated sink.
E-liminate the contaminated ultrasonic.
E-liminate soaking pans.
E-liminate the need for a separate room.

Turn your sterilization area into another station.
Make money instead of spending money.
By liminating contamination
you can make big savings
and advance safety.

Sooner or later unsuspecting adults
or building personnel will touch things. 
Do you want your plumber or your children
to come in contact with contamination.
Contaminated areas in shops
cannot be secured.