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2017 report by FDA gives a thumbs down for using products containing Triclosan

As reported in Am J Infect Control 2000 Apr;28(2):184-96
Triclosan: a review of effectiveness and safety in health care settings.
Jones RD, Jampani HB, Newman JL, Lee AS
Scientific and Regulatory Consultants, Inc. Columbia City, IN 46725, USA

Triclosan is a widely accepted antimicrobial ingredient because of its safety and antimicrobial efficacy.  Triclosan is a unique antimicrobial well suited for use in the health care industry in which mildness is a necessity to protect the health care worker during repeated use and antimicrobial activity is a necessity to protect public health. Triclosan has demonstrated immediate, persistent, broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness and utility in clinical health care settings.