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How do I read the sterilization indicators on the bags.
How do I know if something is sterilized.

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On CrossTex Pouches (known for high quality) there are two sets of arrows
that change color after going through a sterilization cycle.
Two on the top section and two on the bottom section.

The bag shown above is before sterilization processing.

The top arrows change to Dark Brown when vapor or steam processed.
They are Pink before processing and change to Dark Brown.

The bottom arrows change to Golden when EO Gas Sterilized.
The arrows are gray and change to golden when sterilized.

Indicators on bags only show that it was in your sterilizer and went through
a cycle. The indicators usually only measure heat parameter.

Remember: steam sterilization requires: temperature and pressure, steam and time.
The arrow indicators that are printed on the bag are not Biological Spore Tests
and do not prove sterilization.  They only prove that the items were processed in your
sterilizer and it is assumed that since your last spore tests all passed it is likely
these will pass also.  But your sterilizer needs periodic spore testing.
Contact your local Health Department to find out those regulations.

Sterility Assurance means that repeated biological spore testing consistently produces
negative spore test results: meaning that when your sterilized spore test strip or
ampoule is incubated, nothing grows, you killed or inactivated the test spores.
If all your spore tests consistently show that your sterilizer passes each time,
then you can have assurance, Sterility Assurance, that the current items are sterile also
and would be safe to use.  This does not apply to Implantables.  All items that are
implanted must be biologically tested before being allowed to be used.

All new, moved or repaired sterilizers must be spore tested before being put into use.

Biological Sterilization Test kits

Additional Sterilization Comments

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