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Aftercare Products JEWELRY & PIERCING  - (Gauntlet Trained in NYC in 1995)
Art Supplies Jewelry Body Piercing Solder
Body Art Jewelry Displays Stainless Ware
Books Magnifiers Stencil Making
Carrying Cases   Massage Tables Earthlite Sterilization
      Sterile Water
Decorations Medical-Type Supplies Storage Cases, Boxes
    Micron Pens Tattanator
Engraver   Needles for Tattoo Tattoo Machines
Flash Needle Making Equipment Tattoo Supplies/Equipment
Furniture ARM RESTS   New Needle Disposal Temporary Tattoos
Glove Dispensers      
Grips   Big Name Belt Kit Thermal Copier and Paper
Ink     Tracing Paper
Insect Paperweights Parts for Tattoo Machines Training & Instruction
Hazard Waste Permanent Cosmetics Tubes
Henna Piercing Supplies Ultrasonic Cleaners
Info and FAQs Power Supplies Waste
Ink Presentation Portfolios In the News Toxic Ink?

Sharps Waste Containers

New Approach to
Machine TUNING

HR Giger Posters

Insect Pendants
Insect Bracelets
Insect Paperweight

Insect Earrings
New JAWS Tattoo Machine
New Chuck Invention
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