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Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 2009, 8:7doi:10.1186/1476-0711-8-7, Published 6 March 2009
Article describes how Mobile Phones are covered with bacteria in hospitals and could be a source of contamination.

FDA and Technicare

What does it mean
"Purchase of Kits requires Sponsorship?"

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens    Regulations (Standards) apply to tattoo and piercing.
Universal Precautions
Other Potentially Infectious Materials
Red Cross Lifts Tattoo Donor Ban
Employer responsible to protect employees
Occupational Exposure
Hepatitis B Vaccination
What are antiseptics, Germicides, Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation,
Triclosan: a review of effectiveness

Food, Drink Applying Cosmetics in contaminated areas

Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment
Surgical Masks and Respiratory personal protective Equipment
Surgical or Examination Gloves Standards
Object of Hand Disinfection, Scrubbing, Microbial Flora, Chlorhexidine, Handwashing Sinks

Test your Epidemiologic Reasoning

International Body Arts Association

What does it mean when we say
Sponsorship is required to purchase kits?

316L vs F138 (316LVM)
The great Rip-Off
How to fool the
Piercing industry!

How can I tell if something is sterilized.
Shelf Life, Storage, Handling
Exposure Control Plan
Exposure Control Plan Determinations
Ink Ingredients
Mill Certificates, ASTM, Standards, Stainless Steel
Needles, Sharps,

Suffolk County New York Proposed  Article 14 Examined


Worst Article on Hep
Get Hepatitis B Vaccination
Definition of Infection Control
Tattoo Healing
Definition and Goals of Public Health
Evidence is required to justify regulation
Comments, Text, Tattoo Needles, Contaminated Sharps, Blood in Infection Contol
Editorial Infection Control Regulations for Tattoo and Piercing,
Worst Stuff

CDC - MMWR Methicillin-Resistant S aureus Skin Infections Among Tattoo Recipients --- Ohio, Kentucky, and Vermont, 2004--2005


Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization by Westley W Wood
Additional Sterilization Comments
Physical Cleaning Note
Environmental surface cleaning
Disinfectant Soaks for Tools
Dry or Steam, What to choose, Sterilization Technology
Sterilization Testing
Regulated Medical Waste
Glutaraldehyde, Potency, Sterilizing Liquids
Cold Sterilization, Gluteraldehyde, Liquid Sterilize
Aerosols are not known to present a risk of transmission
Ultrasonic cleaners are used to dislodge fine particles
Unimax System Sterilizing Suggestion Even then 20 Years ago

What are Mags and Stacks
How do I Open Jewelry
Tattoo Machine Troubleshooting
Problems with chucks.
How do I set up my New Instek?
Why doesn't the ink go in?
How do I test my Sterilizer?
Tips when tattoo machine won't go.
This Machine Hurts
How do I get the needle in the tube?
How to Mix Henna
Capacitor Test Kit
Warning about capacitors exploding.

Wes Wood was Featured in Crain's NY Business

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