Surgical or Examination Gloves Standards Regulations

. Gloves shall be worn when it can be reasonably anticipated that the employee may have hand contact with blood, other potentially infectious materials, mucous membranes, and non-intact skin; when performing vascular access procedures except as specified in paragraph (d)(3)(ix)(D); and when handling or touching contaminated items or surfaces."

" is the individual's hands which have the highest probability of coming in contact with blood or OPIM...Utilization of gloves has become the most widely used barrier precaution against transmission of infection, not only from employee-to-patient but also from patient-to-employee." OpCit Summary p.69

Disposable (single use) gloves such as surgical or examination gloves, shall be replaced as soon as practical when contaminated or as soon as feasible if they are torn, punctured, or when their ability to function as a barrier is compromised."

Degree of protection, Type of material:
"There are no documented differences related to type of material." Summary OpCit p.73
"The Agency concludes that both vinyl and latex are appropriate materials for glove use." p.73 handling gloves ('baggie' gloves)...are not strong enough...nor would they fit...would not be considered appropriate." p.73

Disposable (single use) gloves shall not be washed or decontaminated for re-use.

Recent 2018 Standard: Powdered Gloves are no longer to be used.
Nitrile Gloves are chosen by those who have Latex Allergy.
Nitrile is not as protective when punctured.