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To Skin Antiseptic Products

Antiseptic - a substance that prevents or arrests the growth or action of microorganisms either by inhibiting their activity or destroying them. Used especially for preparations applied to living tissue. FDA(974)

The representation that a drug is an antiseptic should be considered to be a representation that it is a germicide or a bacteriostatic antiseptic drug requiring prolonged contact. FDASEC. 201. [321]

Two classes: the first will kill microorganisms (germicide) and the second class will inhibit their activity (bacteriostatic antiseptic) without necessarily killing them (a bandage or surgical dressing, an ointment or powder).

Washing with soap and water is the most effective way to decrease the number of microorganisms on the surface of the skin by physically removing them. Use of an antiseptic is not a substitute for washing but the second step of skin preparation used for surgical  procedures and suggested for skin preparation for tattoo and piercing though T&P are not open-infection-prone wounds.

Skin Preparation Requirements
Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation: A safe, fast acting, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial-containing preparation that significantly reduces the number of microorganisms on intact skin.
Published studies reasoned that the microbial flora of concern is the microorganisms that can move across the surface of the skin to the wound boundaries when wet or damp under the drapes or dressings during (surgical) procedures.
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