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COLD STERILIZING  LIQUIDS were developed to enable the sterilization or high level disinfection of medical equipment  that cannot be heat sterilized

Because tattoo and piercing equipment can be heat sterilized, is not medical equipment, heat is the appropriate method, not liquid sterilization.  

Sterilizing liquids are not a substitute for heat sterilization and have no place in tattoo or piercing.  It is not acceptable practice to use liquid sterilants.

Chemicals used in the workplace can be hazardous not only to workers but unsuspecting adults who may have access to them.

It is your responsibility, obligation to maintain a safe environment by reading the labels of everything used.

"Liquid chemical sterilization or disinfection procedures cannot be monitored biologically." p 315, Sterilization Technology: RF Morrissey and GB Phillips
...which means you cannot verify the sterilization procedure. Nearly all Health Dept regulations require biological testing of the method.

"Employee exposure to Glutaraldehyde. is regulated by federal and state agencies. OSHA has set a ceiling limit of 0.2 ppm as a regulatory requirement for exposure.

Glutaraldehyde can be very toxic. All items disinfected with Glutaraldehyde must be rinsed thoroughly, preferably with sterile distilled water. Using tap water will add bio-burden again.

Personnel must take precautions to protect themselves. Goggles or face masks, neoprene rubber gloves, protective gowns, mixing and use in a hooded enclosure with external exhaust system are all necessary.

Disinfectants that kill microorganisms can also be harmful to the cells of the human body.
American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professional of the American Hospital Association, Training Manual for Central Service Technicians, 3rd Edition, 1997.

Heat stable reusable medical devices that enter the blood stream or enter normally sterile tissue should always be reprocessed using heat-based methods of sterilization (e.g., steam autoclave or dry heat oven)

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