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are not to be
used in tattooing, piercing or permanent cosmetics. Choice of a sterilization method is not arbitrary but is based on the manufacturer's recommendations and the limits of the process.

READ THE LABEL on the bottles: sterilizing liquids are used only for those items that cannot be heat sterilized.

A chemical germicide (such as Glutaraldehyde) loses potency as it is used. The rate of loss of potency depends on patterns of intensity of use and on the age of the solution.  
Do not misunderstand 14-day or 28-day labeling.  This only means it will retain its effectiveness for that amount of time once activated as long as it is not diminished in effectiveness (by being used).  

It does not mean it retains effectiveness for 14 or 28 days.
The first use begins the diminishing of the potency.  
Glutaraldehydes are noxious and irritating and may result in a variety of toxic reactions if proper ventilation and personal barriers (e.g. gloves, face protection) are not employed as recommended in the product literature or on the label.  

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