Dear Chuck Norris,

Since your post was published on line this commentary is
Open as no private contacts are working on your web sites.

As one of your millions of fans just now reading your “Wild West Tattoo” post which appeared  some years ago about your wife’s poisoning by Gadolinium it’s plain to see how devastated you felt: no answers, no solutions, nothing to work at to help your wife. Your endurance gets the most respect. Your post was something that may help those who need the truth = about Gadolinium.

Unfortunately your post calling for federal regulation falsely claims that tattoo exposes people to dangers similar in severity to Gadolinium. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tattooing is no more than a surface abrasion and virtually never becomes infected unless exposed to microorganisms later, for example, in bed at home.

Your argument is similar to Anderson it might have been your inspiration. R, Rox Anderson. MD “Regarding Tattoos is that Sunlight…”

Because laser removal is unable to remove many colors, Anderson’s article was written to convince the FDA to investigate tattoo ink looking for toxic ingredients that could be used as a reason to get certain inks removed from the market.  Perhaps your medical team gave you this idea.

Anderson defines a tattoo as a self-inflicted wound, a medical problem looking for a cure asserting that tattooists are medically untrained people injecting unknown substances into unsuspecting people. This is pure propaganda to smear tattoo. We know and can prove by decades of safe and effective use that the pigments in use have no toxicological or hematologic effect.

Perhaps you can write a retraction.

Respectfully submitted

Westley Wood, Pres.

Unimax Supply Co Inc
269 Canal St

New York, NY 10013


P.S. Tattoo is neurological in origin, personal, like hallucination, religious and out of body experiences. They come with being human not dementia nor sub-human (Lombroso, Lacassagne) but common everyday-life experiences. Archaeological evidence supports this view because of Tattoo’s ubiquitous appearance over time and everywhere humans appear. (Lars Krutak's Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing), and see the historical tattoo in Written on the Body by Jane Caplan). Tattooing is one of the many things that make humans so interesting.

Others see it differently.

A quite different view is that tattoo is inherently unclean, polluting, forbidden to God’s children (a Biblical interpretation).

Another, that Tattoo is a corrupter of youth leading to drugs, promiscuity and disease. (many articles by Myrna Armstrong, PhD, RN)
Another decries Tattoo as leading to the destruction of Western culture by destroying “our” traditions and heritage (Claire Chalmers, Appraising the Need for tighter control over the practices of the Tattooing and body piercing industry).

Dr. R. Rox Anderson actually lobbied the FDA with an in-person presentation in which he commented that tattooists don’t seem to think it necessary to wear gloves.

And now the EU establishing non-binding regulations eliminating all ink producers except one (Skin and Ink) to influence USA FDA to Globalize the control of tattooing through the ink.

Westley Wood is personally responsible for the views.
Any comments wwood36@gmail.com