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Audrey Lundy, a Red Cross spokeswoman in Dallas said people who have received a tattoo within a state that regulates tattoo parlors now are eligible to donate blood. She said those states include Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas.


Comment by WesWood

Crises often result in change when there is no "will" to change.

For example:
Something happens and we realize:
How much we love someone; how important something is,
how good, bad, true or false or just or unjust something is.

A shortage of blood prompted someone at Red Cross to lift the ban for Texas-licensed-shop-made tattoos which previously prevented prospective tattoo donors from contributing blood within the first 12 months after a tattoo.

Since the 80s the prestigious Institute of Medicine has been writing book after book decrying the lack of evidence-based public health policy. Unfortunately the Red Cross change of policy is not the result of a new vigor for evidence based public health policy, but need.

Sure we are happy to see this change, but it's still the same old, running things the same old way.

It would be too much to expect the truth that tattoo and piercing do not have higher levels of blood borne pathogens than the general population.

The real truth is, tattooed people are healthier, stronger, smarter and more willing to think for themselves than the general population.

Blood shortages more likely in summer, Red Cross says
Thursday, May 26, 2005
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Red Cross Lifts Tattoo Donor Ban