International Body Arts Association.
No classes currently scheduled.

Founded by Wes Wood and William Rafti
Since 2008 
Training Classes by Health Certificated Professionals in the field.

The Bloodborne Pathogen Class
 does not represent Qualifying Certification.
International Body Arts Association (IBAA)
Founded by Westley Wood and William Rafti
Since 2008 conducting Training Classes
by Health Certificated Professionals in the field.

IBAA is a non-discriminatory voluntary association
open to all persons who want it to be publicly known
that they are committed to maintaining ethical standards.
Also conducting other events and happenings of interest.

Displaying the IBAA Membership Certificate, the IBAA Ethics Poster and sticker
provides an opportunity to make that statement.
IBAA, A few Past Classes,

IBAA Founded in 2006 by Westley Wood & William Rafti

IBAA Sponsors Blood Borne Pathogen Training Events
bringing in lecturers and teachers
who have Educational Training and Experience
such as Terrance O'Riordan
Senior Public Health Sanitarian formerly with
Suffolk County Department of Health Services.
Attendees receive a Certificate of Completion.

Blood Borne Pathogen Training is regularly conducted.
Call for Details of up coming events.


Blood Borne Pathogen Training

IBAA has sponsored the
Hands-on Seminars
Lalo Yuda sharing his experience and knowledge.

IBAA has conducted Micro-Dermal Training
Jonny Needles
sharing his experiences and understandings
of this new form of body art.


11" x 17"  Poster, Suitable for framing


8-1/2" x 11"
Gold Wall Certificate

International Body Arts Association



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