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Appropriate Disinfectants for Cleaning: Housekeeping - which disinfectants / procedures are effective? What level of disinfectant efficacy, when?

"All equipment and environmental and working surfaces shall be cleaned and decontaminated
after contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials."

"Contaminated work surfaces shall be decontaminated with an appropriate disinfectant after completion of procedures; immediately or as soon as feasible when surfaces are overtly contaminated or after any spill of blood or other potentially infectious materials; and at the end of the work shift if the surface may have become contaminated since the last cleaning."

"The Agency has not specified particular disinfectants or procedures due to the wide variance of circumstances in which housekeeping tasks occur. For example, routine cleaning of the floor in a clinical laboratory may only require a 'low-level' germicide to achieve decontamination while a more powerful germicide may be required in the operatory due to, for instance, the increased amount of blood contamination....the schedule for cleaning and decontamination are to be 'appropriate.'...under this performance-oriented provision.' Summary p.79

"The requirement applies only to contaminated work surfaces and therefore would not encompass desks, countertops, and so forth in the area, provided they remained uncontaminated." Summary p.80

the provisions "...are minimum requirements and additional decontamination may be performed any time it is deemed necessary." Summary p.80