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Worst items and things to be offended about.

We received a sample free box of "Tattoo" candy bars to see if they would sell.

Wonderful graphics, very attractive packaging, great. 
Very tattoo looking.

They were selling well and artists were buying them.

They loved them.

When the box was getting low we noticed the wrappings on the bars were getting greasy looking.  So we took a look at the content listing.

The manufacturer called to ask for an order, how they were selling,  how we liked them,
"Oh, they were selling fine and customers liked them,
but in my personal opinion I though it was criminal to sell
chocolate bars made of  60 to 83 percent saturated fat and the rest cholesterol.  What were they trying to do, kill us off ?"

The salesperson just gave that guilty nervous chuckle in response, as if to say, 
Yeah, we know - caught us huh? Ha, Ha, Ha.

Tattooing and piercing is big business and has come to the attention of profiteers (both inside our industry and outside)
thinking if they throw a tattoo picture or piercing photo on something, we will all just roll over and buy worthless stupid products. 
They think tattooed people are ripe for the picking - jerks - after all, in their opinion, to get a tattoo proves how dumb tattooed people are.

I take it personally. How about you?

I remember in the 80's when we called around trying to buy a sterilizer and how they hung up the phone on us
"We don't sell to tattoo people." they told us.
Today they are willing to sell to us "dogs." 

Do I hold it against them? - sure I do, and try not to do business with them.
For them our business is just business. They have no heart for tattoo or piercing.
If we can deal with like-minded as ourselves we do, even if it costs a little more.

Wes Wood