Reading sterilization indicators.
How do I know if something is sterilized.
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Typical Layout for Indicators.
<< These 2  Arrows react to Steam Processing turning brown
<< These 2 Arrows react to Gas Processing turning to gold/brown.
The Steam reactive Arrows change
to Dark Brown when steam processed. 
The Gas reactive Arrows change
to Golden when EtO Sterilized.


Indicators on bags
as illustrated above a change in color shows that it was in your sterilizer and went through
a cycle. The indicators usually only measure one parameter and are not meant to prove sterilization.

The "arrow" indicators that are printed on bags are not Biological Spore Tests
and do not prove sterilization, they only show that the items were processed.

Sterilizers must be spore tested.
Contact your Health Department to find out how often they require testing.

The assumption is: If the previous spore test passed and the current test also passes, so long as each run was monitored for performance, everything run in between will also be safe to use.

External heat source sterilizers.
Must sterilize every load
to be considered safe to use.
Sterilizers that require human adjustment of sterilization parameters during use, such as
manually watching a clock, or regulating the temperature must be spore tested for each load because there is no way to test the human operator for performance conformity.
The items processed must be kept in quarantine until a negative-growth result has been obtained. Items "stove-top" external heat sterilized are not considered safe to use until
that run has been spore tested.

For added assurance.
# MS-1329, ProChem Strips, Integrators
Placed Inside the pouch
$ 10.00/ 250 per box. 
Steam Sterilization Integrators
react to steam penetration into the pouch.