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Henna Hints for Mixing

Mixing Instruction suggestions.
Step 1
  • Take the juice of one lemon (1 tablespoon) and strain through a tea strainer.
  • Add 9 drops of Henna, Mehandi or Eucalypsus Oil to Lemon Juice
  • Measure 6 tablespoons of henna powder into empty mixing bowl
  • Add the liquid to powder using a fork and blend in until evenly distributed.
Step 2
  • Brew very strong tea using twice the amount of tea. Some artists add pomegranate juice and other secret ingredients.
  • Slowly blend in the tea with a stick or spatula or spoon a little at a time for a smooth paste consistency that will slowly flow.
  • Load your cone one half full.
  • Let stand for at least 3 hours or preferably refrigerate overnight. Shelf life of 10 days maximum.
  • Before applying let stand at room temperature for a least one hour.
Application Instructions
Hands and feet take the best stain. The soles of the feet and palms of the hand are the ultimate testing ground.  A small design in the palm is a good area for your first application.
Individual body chemistry and body heat determine the final color and intensity. The color range is from beige/brown to rust/red or burgundy.
  • Wipe the area first with Clear Ammonia and then alcohol. Let Dry.
  • Apply a light amount of Henna, Mehandi or Eucalyptus oil.
  • Squeeze cone while moving along to apply paste, much like cake decorating. Keep a sewing needle handy to keep tip clean.
  • When the paste begins to harden and crack a solution of 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed and strained lemon juice mixed with 1 teasoon of sugar can be lightly dabbed on with a cotton ball. This (optional step) seems to remoisten and impart more stain into the skin.
  • Do not scrape off teh paste. Let it flake off on its own.
  • Do not wash the area for at least 12 hours because it will take the henna another 8 to 14 hours to darken to its final color.Depending on humidiy the paste should dry in about one hour. In 24 hours a second application can be made for even darker results.

Be patient. Have Fun.