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What is the difference between Flat, Magnum, Stack and Micro Blading needles?

A Flat tattoo needle is a single horizontal row of any number of needles.
The smallest Flat is a 3 Needle Flat and the largest in commercial production (by Unimax)  is a 49 needle single row Flat

What is a Magnum tattoo needle?
A Magnum tattoo needle is a single row of an odd number of needles the tail
soldered together so that each even number needle, for example, the 2nd, 4th, 6th etc can be bent upwards
about the diameter of the needle that functions to more easily fill solid and shaed areas without
slicing the skin as happens with a single row of unbent needles called a flat.

A Stack is any number of needles together in a row with another
row of needles minus one needle solder together, one row on top of the larger row.

What are Micro Blading Needles?
Unimax has been manufacturing "Micro Blading" cluster needle "heads"
(without the bar) for decades consisting of an equal number of needle flats
one on top of the other in as many as 6 rows high of 6 needle flats
 with the needle rows assembly slanting at a 45 degree angle.

Magnums ARE MADE LIKE THIS. Stack is like pancakes.

Magnum is one row of any odd number
of needles.  Every other needle
is bent up wards a .35mm angle.

Stacks are two (could be more)
layers one right on topof the other. 
The top layer has one less
needle than the bottom row.


What's the difference between Magnums and Stacks