Get it Ready for Tattanator
This is a Fast Try without altering the machine in any way.
Set Hz 60 and Duty 10
Slowly increase Duty Cycle and you will hear a setting that the two  systems will synchronize.
Discard Wire usage.
Follow instructional
picture and then
Add the silencer
"Rubber Band Trick".
This was discovered 15 years ago to quiet the
power of the Tattanator and aid in rebound.

Rubber Band Trick "Discovered by Unimax"
Do this on all Coil Machines to QUIET them.

Cut a piece of rubber band and Krazy Glue it across the top front of the front-coil core.
Mini- Krazy Glue included.

So Far So Good.
To get the full benefit change the Wiring.
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For those wishing to understanding the science:

It pays to be methodical. Get your speed first.
 Select Different Duty Cycle values methodically. Adjusting the Contact screw.
Then try different Hz settings.
Moving both dials at once will get you nowhere.
For those wishing to understanding the science:

1) Increasing Duty Cycle increases Force.
 2)  Increasing Speed decreases Force.
To keep a force fine tune speed.
3) Adjust Contact Screw to synchronize or
change Speed and/or Duty%.
The Contact Screw might be adjusted
to virtually any throw length.
You will hear, see and feel the difference.
 Amps 6 and up indicate the springs need re-bending;
or replaced with thinner springs. They don't have
to be made of steel, they can any metal or material
because it is not part of the electrical system.
Keep Amperage below .5 or 1/2 Amp
to prevent Heat buildup in the coils.
Heat decreases the magnetic force of coils.
You likely need to change the back spring.
These $150 machines are Tattanator ready.

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