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Biological Spore Tests

Notice about Spore Tests:
If you spore test failed, or if you are using a new sterilizer or have moved or repaired
your Table Top Autoclaves spore test 3 consecutive loads.
The sterilizer can be put into service after 3 consecutive tests show "No-Growth"
after incubation.

Raven 24 Hour Results
# MS-1327 $15.50/Each
Return Postage
Biological Spore Test
for Steam Sterilization
Purchase Individually

Mail-in Spore Test Service for Steam Sterilizers (Autoclaves) only. Do not order more than a 3 month supply.  Expired Ampoules are not exchanged.

48 Hour Results
"EZ Test"
# MS-1157 $15.00/Each
Return Postage
Biological Spore Test
for Steam Sterilization
Purchase Individually

Mail-in Spore Test Service for
Steam Sterilizers (Autoclaves
) only.
Do not order more than a 3 month supply.
Expired Ampoules are not exchanged.


Additional Items
# MS-1329, Class 5 Strip,
Internal Integrators
Placed Inside the pouch
250 per box. $39.98
Steam Sterilization Integrators
react to critical parameters in the pouch.
# MS-1121 Roll
Autoclave Indicator Adhesive Tape in Rolls
for external use. 
Dry Heat self-adhesive External Indicators,
# MS-1238 1,000 per box
$ 38.50


Place pouch with ampoule in the middle of a normal
load towards the front and run your autoclave cycle as usual.

Do not remove the ampoule from the pouch.
Do not crush or break the ampoule.
After it is sterilized do not open the pouch.
Place the sterilized pouch containing the ampoule
in the Pre-Paid
padded mailer supplied and mail to:

Unimax Testing Services
269 Canal St.
New York, N.Y. 10013

Price includes all charges.

Test Result Certificate mailed or faxed.
Instructions included.
How often to run a spore test or Test my autoclave.
1. On Jan 1 you sterilize a load with a non-expired Spore Test Ampoule in the middle of the load in its pouch.
The ampoule is more rigorous than cotton covered in a glassine.
2. You send it in and later receive the result: Pass or Fail.

PASSED means that upon testing there was no growth observed: a NEGATIVE Result for growth. (Negative is good.)
Keep working. Consistently getting Negative Results each time you send in a spore test is STERILITY ASSURANCE.
Your local Health Dept. determines how often to test, some weekly ( a waste of money since tools have never been implicated as a source of infection) , but usually monthly.

If FAILED, the processing company WILL HAVE phoned you immediately.
FAILED means that upon testing, growth was observed: it is called a POSITIVE Result for GROWTH (Positive is bad.)
What to do?
First:  All loads processed since the last Passed Test are now suspect, do not have Sterility Assurance.
Sterility Assurance means repeated testing produces Negative results (3 in a row). (A Good thing)
What to do?
Run three new separate loads and send the three spore tests in for testing.
If you were a hospital you would be required to re-sterilize everything sterilized between the last Passed Test and the Failed date.

EZ Test Do-it-yourself In-House Biological Spore Testing for Steam Autoclaves
Consult with local rules before making purchase.
Some rules may prohibit self-testing.

These items do not include Testing or Processing
and are not to be returned for testing.
These kits are for those who do their own spore testing.

Sterilization Assurance means:
Repeated biological testing consistently shows no growth.

# MS-1152
25-Pack of Biological Indicators $119.00
# MS-1153

5-Pack of Biological Indicators $27.50
Price of 25- pack and 5-pac does NOT
include processing.

Color after incubation shows results.
Bluish-Purple indicates No Growth.
Yellowish or turbid indicates growth.

If the sterilized BI turns yellowish the sterilization cycle
did not achieve sterilization.  Consult the autoclave
manufacturer, get repair, increase time, increase temperature
until consecutive BI's show no growth.

New! -  EZ Test #MA1340 Incubator Kit with crusher and 5 48-Hour ampoules - $409.00

Ampoules, Thermometers & Replacement Parts

Consult local rules before making purchase.

Complete Instructions included. Easy to use.

1. Place one ampoule (BI) in a pouch and autoclave the pouch in a typical load.
2. Remove the pouch after the cycle and remove the BI from the pouch and label it.
3. Take a non-processed BI (not autoclaved) label it as "Un-processed"
4. Turn on the Incubator and allow to heat up for 10 minutes.
   Check thermometer reading is within the range of 55-60C.
5. Place both BIs in the incubator holes.
6. Remove both after 24 hours.
The non-sterilized tester BI will have turned yellowish indicating growth.
The sterilized BI should still be bluish (if sterilization was successful).
If your sterilize BI has not changed color but remains bluish-purple you have passed biological testing.
It is that simple.
Keep a written record of your tests to meet any regulations.
Clean-up:  Sterilize both BIs and discard in normal trash if you passed the test. If you failed, hold both in a safe place until you can pass a test and then sterilize the BIs.

BIs purchased in bulk are for for In-House testing only and cannot be sent to Unimax for testing.
Do not send in-house tests to Unimax.

Everything you need. Results in 24 Hours.
Certified and Validated Thermometer
Ampoule Crusher
5-Pack of BI (Biological Indicator) Ampoules
Complete Instructions
Validation Certificate