2005-2021 Unimax Supply Co Inc. NY, NY

Is this Piercing Septum Forcep Safe to use?

"Sterilized by EO Gas"
"Valued within 3 years from the date of sterilized
circle use by sterilized of Autoclave."

If you received these misprints we will take them back
to have them properly packaged and re-sterilized
or feel free to use them.

"Do not use if the package is damaged."

Internationally used and understood Symbols
commonly used in Medical Device Packaging and Labeling..

Symbol for: do not use more than once.
Symbol used that this product meets all requirements of the European Union for use.
"Chasing Arrow" plastic recycling symbol with numbers from 1 to 7 identifies the type of plastic for best recycling.
Symbol used to advise not for use by children under 1 year

Unimax created the first commercially available
Sterilized Tattoo and Piercing needles and tools.
Expiration dating on pouches does not affect suitability
for use, actually misleading.