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Advantages of a Brushless Pen Motor:

1.    Durability: The increased life expectancy means it is more durable.

2.    Size: The size of the pen can be smaller because the motor is smaller than the Brushed Motor.

3.    Lighter Weight: The lighter weight of the motor means less struggle.

4.    Electronic: Brushless motors use electronic commutations rather than mechanical (brushes). The efficiency also increases optimal balance, quieter and smoother.

5.    Efficiency: There is no friction in a Brushless machine. The rotor and the stator Brushes cause heat and loss of energy.
The battery life increases by 25% thanks to less friction.

Brushed Motors have one attractive advantage:
(1) they are inexpensive
(2) are
capable of generating  high torque, more powerful.
(3) The brushed motor is reliable.

There are a few drawbacks of Brush Motors.

1.    Maintenance: These motors are manufactured with carbon brushes. These can result in wear and tear of the brushes: maintenance cost can often increase.

2.    Heating:  As there is friction in this type of motor, overheating may be a problem decreasing power.

3.    Battery: The battery efficiency is quite poor for these motors. The overall battery drain due to the overheating is a concern for Brush motors.

Drawback: BRUSHLESS Motors cost more.

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