Methods of Compliance
General.  Universal precautions shall be observed to prevent contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.  Under circumstances in which differenciation between body fluid types is difficult or impossible, all body fluids shall be considered potentially infectious materials.

Engineering and Work Practice Controls.
1910.1030(d)(2)(i)   Engineering and work practice controls shall be used to eliminate or minimize employee exposure.  Where occupational exposure remains after institution of these controls, personal protective equipment shall also be used.
Engineering controls shall be examined and maintained or replaced on a regular schedule to ensure their effectiveness.


Engineering Controls Schedule of Servicing
Prepared by
Control Service Date
Sharps Containers 1) Examine. If full or near full
2) Seal, remove to storage area.
3) Replace with new empty container
Weekly on all Fridays
Autoclave 1) Include spore test in typical load and send for testing. Weekly on all  Fridays