"Gowns, aprons, and other Protective Body Clothing.

Appropriate protective clothing such as, but not limited to, gowns, aprons, lab coats, clinic jackets, or similar outer garments shall be worn in occupational exposure situations. The type and characteristics will depend upon the task and degree of exposure anticipated.

Gowns, aprons and other protective body clothing minimize contamination migration away from the work area and assist in eliminating skin exposure...the type of clothing and its characteristics (i.e., protective capabilities) will depend upon the task being performed and the degree of exposure anticipated (i.e., quantity of blood or OPIM).p.77

"The employer must evaluate the task and the type of exposure expected and based upon this determination, select appropriate personal protective clothing. 'Appropriate' protective clothing must prevent contamination of an employee's skin or clothing by blood or OPIM." OpCit p.77

During Tattoo and Piercing,  work clothing contamination from blood or OPIM would not be  "reasonably anticipated". Therefore, the use of gowns, aprons or other Protective Body Clothing would not be appropriate to the task being performed nor be the obligation of the employer to provide.