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What to choose: Dry Heat or Steam?

The Prestige Autoclave

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Stove-Top Autoclave

Unimax has 30 years of industry-wide experience
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New, moved or repaired automatic sterilizers are not considered ready to be put into service until three (3) consecutive "negative" spore test are received.
3 Free Pre-Paid spore tests are include with these units.
After the initial testing check with your HD for
their regulations regarding periodic testing. Order more spore tests.

The "Electric Processor," Real Economy Processor," and the "Stove-Top Processor" will require a "negative" spore test for every load before the items in that load are put into service.

Dry Heat -  Not considered Appropriate for Tattoo or Piercing

Please note:
It is required
to spore test a sterilizer in it's permanent location
before it is put into service.  Brand new sterilizers must be spore tested
before use in your actual working environment.

Repeated Negative results on your spore test is what is called "Sterility Assurance."

A failed spore
test requires the re-sterilization of everything processed since the
last successful spore test.  Monthly testing seems to be the norm.
Weekly or daily spore testing would only be required for
hospital environments in which automatic sterilizers are run under heavy demand.
This would not be appropriate for monitored fully automatic limited use autoclaves.

Pouches and Bags
Sterilizer Testing