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    #7K Stainless Jumbo Magnum Tubes
Stainles Steel Magnum Tubes #7K
Designed and Created by Unimax

Jumbo Magnum Tubes  $22.00/Each

Holds up to 21, Magnums, 116mm long

#7K-25MAG Holds up to 25 Magnums, (not shown)
Adjustable from 110 - 120mm long
#7K-37MAG Holds up to 37 Magnums, 116mm long
#7K-49MAG Holds up to 49 Magnums, 116mm long



Style Nos. Order Needle  
Box of
21MS70CV* 80 $32.00/Box
21MS120CV* 80 $32.00/Box
23MS 90 $34.00/Box
23MS70CV* 90 $34.00/Box
25MS 90 $36.00/Box
25MS70CV* 90 $36.00/Box
37MS120CV* 1.10 $48.00/Box
49MS70CV* 1.35 $30 for 25
*CV means Curved., 70 and 120 are the arc.
70 will produce about 60% footprint or less.
120 is ever so slightly curved.

Also available Disposable Jumbo Mag Tubes