Disposable Jumbo Magnum Tubes

  #3J,  Jumbo Green Magnum Tubes

Disposable Jumbo Magnum Tubes #3JGREEN
Unimax "Rail" System - GREEN
No Rubber Band Required.
Designed and Invented & Produced by Unimax Supply Co.
Bars may vary.
Check the Lay of the needle in the Tip. See below.
holds Rail in Place
Drop Needle Bar into Slot
Insert Rail
and Slide Rail forward to Grip
to Secure Needle
No Rubber Band Needed.
Tab Sticks out on top
Used to Pull Rail Back
when job is finished.
Bars vary. Check the Lay of the needle in the Tip.
Bend the Bar near the cluster
to adjust for your personal position and pressure.
Drop the Needle Bar straight into the tube.
Insert the "Slider" invention and slide it down towards the tip.  To remove, pull the upright tab out the tail.  Smooth working parts.
The Bar is centered in the tube.
Even if your armature is a little off center or out of alignment there will not be binding because the surface inside is slick and smooth. Invented by Unimax.

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