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  #3G  -  Heavy Duty  Green Tubes

Crush,  Bend,  Flex or Twist


Stronger Green Tubes
Invented by Unimax
Featuring 1-Inch Grip 
Individually Blister Packed

$16.00 Bag of 10 Heavy Duty
Single Use.  Disposable. EO Gas Process.
Less than 10 per Style $1.75
10 pcs Weigh = 0.6 lbs

Green Tubes for Standard #12
(.35 mm Needles), 110 mm Length Tube
3G# 3R
3 Round Slant
3G# 5R
5 Round
3G# 8R
8 Round
3G# 18R
18 Round
3G# 14R
14 Round
3G# 3D
3 Dia "V"
3G# 5D
5 Dia "V"
3G# 8D
8 Round
3G# 6F
6 Flat & 5 Mag &
9Mag Bug Pin
3G# 7M
7 Mag
3G# 9M
3G# 11M
11 Mag
3G# 13M
13 Mag
3G# 15M
15 Mag

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