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8 Foot Length  $24.99

#11EX364   $9.95/Each
Generic Spring Clip cord
 1/4" Phono plug.
This picture shows
general style only.
Made in China.



Mini-Jack Adapter  # 4BE-134 $15.00
RCA Adapter # 4BE-135 $15.00
A,  Mount the plate on top of the rear spring
and screw the forked connector
end against and touching rear standoff Screw

B. Mount the plate touching and against the
rear standoff (not touching the frame) and the
forked end connected touching the rear standoff screw

Includes Stainless Mounting Bracket
Ready to Install
Make sure forked connector end
does not touch the frame.
A Plastic Washer should separate
the forked end from the frame

# 11EX-246
Micro Plug for the clip cord end
Plugs into the adapter  $ 4.75