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760-1413 Lighting and Ventilation Suffolk County, New York

760-1413 Lighting and Ventilation

Areas in which body art procedures are performed shall be provided with adequate lighting and ventilation. The body art establishment shall have artificial light sources that provide at least 20-foot candles at 3 feet above the floor level and at least 100-foot candles at the level where the body art procedure is performed and where body art instruments and sharps are handled.

These are suggestions that would not be discouraged. They have no place in these regulations because there is no evidence to believe there is a problem based on light or ventilation. These allow no reasonable degrees.

People who work at a task learn the amount of light that enables them not only to do the task but to have their eyesight survive. The recommendations should remain in explanations of the Article and intents, not be restrictive disallowing human variation.


Wes Wood
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