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269 Canal St., NY NY 10013
1-800-9-UNIMAX,   212-925-1051
Fax to: 212-925-7424
Limitations & Terms
International Orders    
Minimum Order
Shipping Costs
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First Time ordering?
COD is NOT an option for First Time Orders

First-time customers must use
Credit Card, or , or Prepay with a money order.  
Subsequent orders can be shipped COD
PAYPAL does not offer

Order at least $ 50.00 to avoid a service fee.
Minimum Order
to avoid a Service Fee is $ 50.00 in merchandise
except "CostPlus" First Class No-Frills Mailing Service.
Less than Minimum Orders are charged a service fee.,
Less than $ 15.00 will be charged $ 25.00 for the merchandise plus shipping.
Between $ 25.00 and $ 50.00,  will be charged a $ 9.75 Service Fee plus shipping.

All Prices are wholesale prices, not retail prices.
If prices were retail we would not have a minimum.

Minimum Order is $ 50.00 not including shipping or service charges
and any orders less than $ 25 will be increased to $ 25.00
plus shipping regardless of amount or quantity
and in no wise will an invoice or order be honored for less than $ 25.00.
Orders less than $ 50 in merchandise 
add $ 9.75 Service Fee plus shipping charges.