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Limitations & Terms
International Orders    
Minimum Order
Shipping Costs
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All prices listed are Net, no further discounts. 
International Orders
Credit Card,   Wire Transfer.  


  International Orders
Include your name and address and phone (required).
The placement of an order is acceptance of these conditions.
We urge you to review the laws in your country that may prevent you from
receiving or accepting the contents of your order.


International Chamber of Commerce,
accepted by governments and business around the world,

defines the buyer's responsibility as follows:

The buyer is responsible at their own risk and expense to obtain any import
licenses required and fulfill all official requirements in the importing country
including customs formalities.

It is not the responsibility of the seller to have that information or determine the
interpretation of foreign laws and regulations.

In the event of non-delivery
The buyer is responsible to assume the cost for the original transportation charges
and the return transportation charges, which are usually twice the cost of the
original transportation charges. Expect to pay 3 times the original cost.


Orders MUST have phone number (with country code)

Notice about international electric compatibilities.
Electronic equipment rated as 110-115 and 220-240v
will work on the voltages listed, but the plug end that fits
into your country's wall socket may not be compatible and you may
have to buy and change the plug end yourself.  

Some electronic devices may come with no plug end at all
and you have to buy your own plug locally.

Notice about Taxes, VAT and Import Duties.
It is your responsibility to check with your taxing authorities
to see what if any duties will be imposed on your goods
by your taxing authorities.
It is not our responsibility and we cannot advise if charges
are applicable.

There are no international COD's.
Credit Card, PayPal, Wire transfer and Pre-paid
are the only forms of payment.  is cheapest payment option - 
All payments should be in US Dollars

You are liable for the shipping charges when
a shipment is returned to us after we ship it.
Some examples:
Your "Customs" refuses to allow items into the country
and sends the shipment back.
You made an error in the address.
You did not claim your package.
The shipment is returned to us without any explanation.

We will replace only up to the Value of Insurance
for any package not delivered, damaged, lost or otherwise not delivered.
If a package is insured below replacement value,
you as customer assume responsibility for the difference.



We verify all credit cards.
Banks outside the USA refuse to verify addresses. 
Our credit card companies require us to verify the address.
Therefore, first time INTERNATIONAL use of a credit card,

you must prove you are the owner of the card.

Fax to 212-925-7424 -- make an enlargement copy otherwise you have to do it twice.
Credit Card - ID - Letter

1) Copy of your credit card - Block out the first 12 numbers.

2) Copy of ID - this proves you are the person on the card. Block our ID numbers.

For credit card please supply 
(1) Account Number,
(2) Expiration Date
(3) Telephone Number,
(4) Name and Address

We verify all credit card information.

Please note:     Fax or Call for 100% security.

Instructions for Direct wire transfer available with confirmed order.

Your bank will charge you a fee to do this - usually $ 30.00.
A fee is also charged by our bank
which means you actually have to pay 2 fees.
So you can figure it costs you $ 60.00 total in fees to pay by wire transfer.
Do not deduct anything from the total we request.

You will be required to send another wire transfer with all new additional fees if you deduct fees from our invoice. If you pay wrong it will cost another $ 60.00 in fees so be careful.

Place your order now      -or you can   E-mail an order to us


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