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  11EX23 Mini-Traveler Power Supply

Adapter plugs into your wall outlet and connects to the back of the Mini-Traveler.
Notice about international electric compatibilities.
This Electronic equipment rated for 110-120 Volt
You will need to buy a 110 to 220 transformer if your country uses 220-240Volts.
Mini Traveler Power Supply
#11EX23 - $160.00
Hot Pink - Bright Red
Gloss Blue - Gloss Black
Matte Satin Stainless
Input: 110V
Output Max: 12 Volts 2 Amps
10 Turn Potentiometer
RoHS Compliant
All S/S Cases Made in USA.
Power adapter plugs into the back of the unit.
Includes Adapter (Made in China).
2-1/2" Wide x 1-1/4"High x 4"L
Order accessories separately.
FOOTSWITCH w/ 1/4" Phono
#11EX-292, U.S. TreadLite $24.99
#11EX121, China Generic $9.95
Order accessories separately.
CLIP CORD w/ 1/4" Phono
#11EX-361, U.S. $19.50
#11EX364, China Generic $9.95
Includes Transformer, Adapter
Plugs into the back of the
Mini Traveler