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#CX-AXB-ATOM - $165.00

  • Compatible with all coil and rotary machines.
  • Built in magnets and grippy silicone for use on a variety of surfaces
  • Simple push/Rotary control to turn on/off output and to change voltage (No pedal required to run)
  • Color indicates voltage (range 1.5 17)
  • Maintained or momentary foot pedal modes
  • Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries
  • Fully machined, Anodized Aluminum housing available in silver or black
  • Dimensions: 1 3/4 height, 2 7/8 diameter, 6.4 oz weight
  • Comprehensive 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Includes: Atom power supply and power adapter 
Critical Power Supplies with or without  Wireless System
For use with all Coil and Motor Tattoo Machines.
Voltage, Speed (Hz), Duty Cycle, Amps
Current Time,  Session Time, Run Time, Prices indicated
Complete Instructions included. EASY set-up.
Critical Atom

1 machine Hook-up
Power Supply Only
Use with any Foot Switch and Clip Cord


CX2-R G2,
Price includes
2 machine Hook-up Power Supply
Wireless Foot Pedal
Built-in Universal Remote Receiver
Mounting Bracket
Power Pack

CX2 G2,
1 machine Hook-up Power Supply
Use with any Foot Switch and Clip Cord
Of course including Critical
Comes with Mounting Bracket and Power Pack
CX1 G2
Smaller Format Generation 1
machine Hook-up,
Power Pak and Mounting Bracket
Use with any Foot Switch and Clip Cord
11EXCXP-W-SET Wireless
Foot switch and Universal Receiver
with Power Pack

Easy to use with any Power Supply.
Fast and Easy Set-up
11EXCXPW Just the foot switch.
Foot switch can be used without the
Wireless Receiver by using a spare
clip cord. There are 2 standoffs on the rear
which accept spring clip cord prongs.
CXR-U, Wireless Universal Receiver
Simple to operate and configure instantly.
Together with Critical Foot switch it also
works with any power supply.
Switching Power Supply, 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A.
Powers down after 15 minutes of inactivity.
To Manually Shut down: hold LEFT Arrow
until display shows "SLP" or "standby".
To re-activate Press foot pedal or any button.
Bracket supplied with Power Supplies.
3 Powerful Magnets provide stability on metal
or can be screw or bolt mounted.
Notice about international electric compatibilities.
This Electronic equipment rated 110-120 and 220-240 Volt will work on the voltages listed,
but the plug that fits into your country's wall socket may not be compatible or may not come
with plug in which case you may have to purchase a plug locally.