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Chucks, All with machined channel.
# 4A-221, $ 45.00 Each - discontinued
High Polish Chrome Aluminum 2-Hole Squeeze Chuck.

The Rear hole has a function to squeeze or close the over-all size of the
chuck opening to fit undersize tubes, tubes less than the 5/16" (Industry Standard).

If a tube won't fit don't brutalize the chuck
USE COMMON SENSE, follow these instructions.
Please note, damaging the chuck by using a screwdriver or other prying tool
is considered abuse of the chuck and damaged chucks will not be replaced.

# 4A-222, $ 7.50 Each
Economy Not polished.

Chromed Aluminum
2-Hole Squeeze Chuck

Not polished.


Comparison of finishes

# 4A-228, Lever Chuck $ 15.00 Each
Plated Iron
# 4A-227, Lever Chuck, $ 15.00 Each
Black Iron (Black not shown)
Replacement Jaws Chuck
Fits all Star and Apollo Machines.

# 4BA-235 Silver Plated Iron
# 4BA-236 Black Iron

$ 19.95 Each