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New approach to machine tuning.  Invention by Unimax Wes Wood

Chances are your machine has the "Wrong" Capacitor
... at least not the best capacitor for your exact set-up.
Unimax approach solves the Mystery of "Tuning Your Machine" 

One size does NOT fit all.

No Experience required to improve how your machine runs.
No SolderingNo Electrical experience required.

"A New Approach."  by Wes WoodTattoo machine developer.

Innovation and Teamwork -  Respect and Cooperation leads to Breakthrough in Tattoo Machine Technology.          
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Unimax technology advances state of the art.

Capacitor Test Kit - Easy to use.

You can't "Tune" your machine
without the right capacitor.
For the FIRST TIME, you can.

  • Compare different capacitors
  • Choose the "Right" capacitor 
  • See and Hear the difference
    for yourself.

    Take Control.

     See for yourself how different Capacitors directly effect the performance.
    ---- voodoo science exposed about supposed ways to "tune" your machine.

Attach a lead to the front and rear standoffs.
(Don't let the wires touch the frame. Make sure the Plastic washers are between the frame and the leads.)
Insert the wires of the capacitor into the
the two holes of the plastic end.
Bend the wires up
-- and instantly -- by trying different kinds
You WILL see and hear how different Capacitors directly effect the performance.

"Performance Booster"

Order Capacitor Kit # CAP-24:
Includes 12 Assorted Capacitors
and 2 Leads $ 24.95

A Dozen different sizes and values of Capacitors.
A learning experience.

Order the Capacitor Test Kit # CAP-24. A Unimax Invention.

  • Includes:

  • Test Wires

12 different value and size capacitors and -- free Allen Keys
Amaze yourself.  You can do it- no training required.


We used to change capacitors
when they blew up and it took soldering,
heat sinks, assembly and repair.
There never was a way
to compare capacitors

This Invention
"The Capacitor Interchange Kit"
is an Important Contribution
to machine technology
by Unimax.

You can test and run different values
for the first time.

Everyone says
"Tune" your machine . . . .
 . . .
Now You Can. . .
(P.S.: Now THEY can too.)