Yellow Box

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Yellow Box Needles
Typical Generic type Needles
advertised all over the internet.

External Indicator and Internal Integrator
If you order less than a box
Order in multiples of 5 -- ( 5 is Minimum )
Compare to
Checkerboard Brand


Each Box Price   Magnums Each Box Price
1RLY 50 $7.99/
Box of 50
7MSY 60 $11.19/
Box of 50
3RLY 50 9MSY 60
5RLY 50 11MSY 70 $13.99/
Box of 50
7RLY 50 $11.19/
Box of 50 
13MSY 70
8RLY 50 15MSY 70
9RLY 60

Curved Magnums

14RLY 60 $13.99/Box 11CMSY 70 $13.99/
Box of 50

Round Shaders

13CMSY 70
5RSY 60 $7.99/Box 15CMSY 70
8RSY 60 $11.19/Box 21CMSY 80 $19.39/
Box of 50
14RSY 60 $13.99/Box 23CMSY 80
18RSY 70 $16.69/Box 25CMSY 80

Flat Shaders

37CMSY 80 $18.10/25
6FY 50 $11.19/Box  49CMSY 1.00 $21.49/25
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REVIEW - Authentic Purchaser.
Hello, I'm Roger I'm 25 years old and I'm a Tattoo Artist in Wabash, and I love yellow box needles. I'd have to give them 5 stars! hands down. I've been a professional Tattoo Artist for 7 years now and I've used a bunch of different needles over that time and hands down yellow box are the best. They're always perfect, I've never had a bur or bent needle one. I use them everyday and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Always reliable always perfect.



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