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The Originator of Internal Integrators for Tattoo!
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Did you know that Unimax had CrossTex make a Custom size
Sterilization Pouch for needles: 2 x 8 (or 7+1/2")
At the time the smallest pouch was 3+1/2 x 10"
made for dental tools. We did that.


Our Customers know their Needles.  That's why they prefer Checkerboard Needles.
External Indicator and Internal Integrator.
If you order less than a box
Order in multiples of 5 -- (please order in 5 piece increments is Minimum )

than Box
Box/50   Magnums Less
than Box
Round LINERS   Magnums Straight Edge  
1RL 50 $8.00/Box   5MS 50 $18.00/Box  
3RL 50 $15.00/Box   7MS 60 $21.00/Box  
4RL 50 $16.00/Box   9MS 60 $23.00/Box  
5RL 50 $17.00/Box   11MS 70 $24.00/Box  
7RL 60 $21.00/Box   13MS 70 $25.00/Box  
8RL 60 $22.00/Box   15MS 70 $26.00/Box  
9RL 60 $24.00/Box   23MS 90 $34.00/Box  
14RL 70 $30.00/Box   25MS 90 $36.00/Box  
Round SHADERS Soft Edge Curved Magnums
5RS 50 $17.00/Box   11MS70CV* 70 $24.00/Box  
7RS 60 $21.00/Box   13MS70CV* 70 $25.00/Box  
8RS 60 $22.00/Box   15MS70CV* 70 $26.00/Box  
14RS 70 $30.00/Box   21MS70CV* 80 $32.00/Box  
18RS 80 $34.00/Box   21MS120CV* 80 $32.00/Box  
42RS $1.50 $63.00/Box   23MS70CV* 90 $34.00/Box  
100RS $3.00 $139.00/Box 25MS70CV* 90 $36.00/Box
Flat Shaders   37MS120CV* 1.10 $48.00/40  
4FS 50 $16.00/Box   49MS70CV* 1.35 $30/25  
5FS 50 $17.00/Box   Unimax:  Bug Pin Mags
First Commercial Bug Pin Mags

But Polynesians made first
Curved Needles (Smithsonian)
6FS 50 $19.00/Box    
Jumbo Rounds

A Better Product. You decide.

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    C H E C K E R B 0 A R D TM      
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