Tool Discoloration.
Stainless Steel tarnishes and the teeth stain.  Piercers struggle to clean them. They never quite look like new again.  They cost money so we push the envelope and use them longer than we might.

No Clean-up using displosables.
Cleaning and the space and facilities necessary for reprocessing are difficult to construct, the employees difficult to monitor and the record keeping difficult to meet modern standards...if we could ever really do it.

It is Best Practice to switch to all disposables.

No need to spend money for inventory that will get broken, will disappear, will become unattractive. 

Piercing does not require a medical facility, nor masks and gowns. Piercing is not "infection-prone" surgery. 

Unimax Clips are made to enhance and improve the ability to hold on slippery skin without hurting the customer. They are pressure adjustable to work the way you are used to. With or without a rubber band.

As piercers, we develop dexterity holding the forcep and the cork in one hand while piercing with the other hand -- like a juggler.  No problem because there was no other way to do it, except free-hand.  Free-hand without a cork can be learned and mastered but it violates safety. Corks should be used because anyone can experience the unexpected. That's what the spirit of safety is about.

It would be a violation of OSHA safety standards to use closed end forceps rather than "slotted" forceps because a slotted tool eliminates a hazardous step.

Not to use a cork is unsafe because you are exposing yourself to injury when an alternative of protection is available and can be used so that you do not have to needlessly handle an uncovered sharp.

Piercing Clips are light, they literally stick out from the skin, as if floating on air and they don't require contortion-ism while reaching for the needle. You only need to let it rest upon your hand and concentrate on safety.

"We are proud to have invented and produced
State-of-the-Art Tools for Tattoo and Piercing."
Wes Wood, Pres., Unimax Supply Co Inc