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No Piercing Needles to minors. You may be asked to provide Sponsorship.


2-In.Custom 17G Piercing Needle
Made to Fit Unimax Custom-made Nostril Jewelry
This is not a typical 17 Gauge Needle.
One of the most difficult but easiest to loose connections.
Unimax invention of this specially made 17G needle makes is fail-safe
because the jewelry is also custom sized for a perfect fit without
the kind of bleeding otherwise expected with a regular 17G needle.

SNUG-FIT - Never Loose a Connection
$11.00/100, Non-Sterile pack
19G Nose Screws and Straights
SNUG-FIT - Never Loose a Connection.
Less than 100, $0.20/Each Bulk Loose pack

Pre-Autoclaved $0.50/Each Individually Pouched