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No Piercing Needles to minors. You may be asked to provide Sponsorship.


Custom made by Unimax:  Internally threaded needles.

Internally Threaded Needles Made to use with
 Externally Threaded 14G and 16G Jewelry

1/2" Short Curved Needles

Internally Threadeded
Individual Pouch Pack Needles
EO Gas Processed
Threaded Jewelry screws
into the back of needle.

Picture showing Needle
with Internal Threading
Invented by Unimax
For 14G Jewelry Use
No. ST14CTH -marked "13G"
For 16G Jewelry Use
No. ST16CTH -marked "15G"
1 to 99 $0.65/Each 100 & Up  $0.54/Ea