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Electrowave Ultrasonics
It is virtually imposssible to clean thoroughly
without the aid of an ultrasonic

 Electrowave Ultrasonic Cleaners
All Units Include Timer
# 29B-21,
Without heat/ Without drain $ 300.00
# 29B-22, With heat / Without drain $ 350.00
# 29B-23,
Without heat / with drain $ 335.750
# 29B-24, With heat / With drain$ 385.75

Price does not include Cover or Basket
Order those items separately.
Cover # 29B-64 $ 20.00
S/S Basket # 29B-40 S/S $ 59.00
Plastic Basket # 29B-47 $ 35.00
  • Holds .9 gallon. 

  • All stainless steel construction insures no corrosion. Heavy gauge Stainless Steel 316L used inside and out.

  • No plastics that stain, no rust problems, no rubber to deteriorate

  • Solvents may be placed directly in tank.

  • Full Wave circuitry (full wave bridge rectified) and 100% solid state.

  • General rules for all ultrasonics:
    --Keep heavy items off the bottom by using a basket.
    --Water level should always be within 1/2 inch of top.
    --Plain water does not cavitate well.  Soap or detergents should be added.

A Claim no other manufacturer will make.
Manufactured to Military Specs.100,000psi.  
More Power than any other Ultrasonic.
Out performing anything you have ever seen before.
Designed to run every day, all day and will last 10 to 20 years with minimal care.

Electrowave Ultrasonics  
are used by all branches of the US Military,  Foreign Governments,  Armed Forces and Corporations around the world.  Recommended for durability.
Order Basket and Cover Separately
Wire Basket # $ 42.00
Cover $ 35.00

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