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Ultrasonic Cleaners
About Ultrasonics


Electrowave Ultrasonics
It is virtually impossible to clean thoroughly
without the aid of an ultrasonic.

Ink-Out Concentrate
#MC-1122 $10.00
Quart Makes 16 Gallons
#MC-1123 Gallon $34.00
# MC-1117
Alconox Powder, 4-Lb. Box, $ 26.89
2 Tablespoons makes 1 Gal of Cleaner.  
Chosen as the cleaning agent of choice by more tattooists and piercers because  it rinses completely clean.  It does not leave a soap film or tools or surfaces.

Also available
# MC-1118,
 $ 38.00
Alconox Powder, 
50 Individual Packets
Box of 50
Order # MC-1120
MadaClenz Plus
Cleaner for Protein and Enzymes
Gallon Size Only. $29.95

Magic Green # MC-1121
Jewelry Cleaner
$ 10.35 16-Oz. Powder
MADA Ultrasonic GPC Cleaner  # MC-1119

Ultrasonic General General Purpose Cleaner
for removal of compounds, pumice, etc.
Check with Ultrasonic Manufacturer
that your ultrasonic
can withstand this product.
Electrowave Ultrasonic Cleaners are approved.

Mix 1 part to 10 parts water.
Gallon Size

Personal Safety Precautions:
Use Safety glasses,
Provide adequate ventilation.
Corrosive - may cause serious burns.

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