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#KREL-1224, Holy Cards by Barbara Calamari & Sandra Dipasqua $24.95
7-1/2" x 10-1/4", 144pp Hard Cover
"The saints were human beings with human problems.
They had bad marriages, debts, wayward children; they came from all walks of life.
Yet through divine grace they were able to overcome their own personal obstacles...
To Catholics they are an extended family that serve as a great inspiration
in the ability of prayer and faith to change one's life...
One of the most important and endearing traditions of Catholic iconography is the holy card.
Offering images of the saints, these portable objects of daily ritual are carried for protection,
given as remembrances at communions, confirmations, and funerals, and collected and traded.
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Holy Cards by Barbara Calamari & Sandra Dipasqua
#KREL-1224, $24.95
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