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#KREL-1223, Angels by Marco Bussagli $19.95
5" x 6-1/2", 780pp Hard Cover
From seraphim, cherubs, and archangels to guardians, rebels,
and fallen angels, these celestial heralds have long captured our
hearts and imaginations.
More than 375 images of angels, ranging from early Christian
mosaics to the paintings of Marc Chagall, present biblical stories
beginning with the creation in Genesis and ending with John the
Evangelist's vision of Heaven on Earth in Revelation.
Each image is accompanied by the original biblical text, along with
a brief explanation of the story's traditional iconography and the role
of angels in interactions between humanity and the divine: angels as
assistants, messengers, punishers, soldiers, intercessors, and saviors.
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by Marco Bussagli
KREL-1223, $19.95
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