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   Jumbo Magnum Needles and Tubes

Jumbo Magnum Disposable Tubes

1-9 of a size $3.99/Each
10 or more of one size,  $3.49/Each
Invented & Designed by Unimax
Will not break or crush in chuck.

MORE INFO - How to Use Green Jumbo Mags Tubes

Stainless Steel Jumbo Mag Tubes
One Piece Tubes (cannot be disassembled)

3-Piece 25 Mag Tube (can be disassembled)

Unimax Supply - Save Time - Save money


Box of
21Mag70Curve* 80 $32.00/Box
21Mag120Curve* 80 $32.00/Box
23MagStraight 90 $34.00/Box
23Mag70Curve* 90 $34.00/Box
25MagStraight 90 $36.00/Box
25Mag70Curve* 90 $36.00/Box
37Mag120Curve* 1.10 $48.00/Box
49Mag70Curve* 1.35 $30 for 25
70 Curve will produce about 60% footprint.
120 Curve is only slightly curved.

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