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#3J- Jumbo White Magnum Tubes

  #3J,  Jumbo Green Magnum Tubes

Jumbo Magnum Disposable Tubes
$3.99/Each, 10 or more $3.49/Ea,  110mm long
Individually packaged, EO Gas Processed
Internal Integrator, Ready to use.
#21MagGreen Holds up to 21 Magnums
#25MagGreen Holds up to 25 Magnums
#37MagGreen Holds up to 37 Magnums
#49MagGreen Holds up to 49 Magnums
Box of 50
21MS70CV* 80 $32.00/Box
21MS120CV* 80 $32.00/Box
23MS 90 $34.00/Box
23MS70CV* 90 $34.00/Box
25MS 90 $36.00/Box
25MS70CV* 90 $36.00/Box
37MS120CV* $1.10 $48.00/Box
49MS70CV* $1.35 $30.00/Box/25
*CV means Curved., 70 and 120 are the arc.
70 will produce about 60% footprint or less.
120 is ever so slightly curved.
Unique "Rail" System Invented by Unimax
Check the needle lay and Bend the Bar near the cluster to adjust your personal position and pressure.
Insert the "Slider" and slide it down.  To remove pull the upright tab backwards.  Smooth working parts.
The Bar is centered in the tube.
Even if your armature is a little off center or out of alignment
there will not be binding because the surface inside is slick and smooth.


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