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  #11TH14 Thermal Spirit Copy Paper, Equipment, and Supplies.

Create Stencils
Direct from your Drawing Program or Scanner
Print from S8 or Thermal Copier Electronic Device.

S-8 Blue Tooth Instruction

ReproFX Stencil Paper
 Made in USA For Machine
#11TH14 8-1/2 x 11"   $33.49/Box of 100
#11TH15 8-1/2 x 11"   $5.00/Pack of 10 Sets
#11TH16 8-1/2 x 14"  $39.90/Box of 100
#11TH17 8-1/2 x 14"   $6.00/Pack of 10 Set
Also for drawing
Directly on the Stencil Paper Bound Set

Free Hand Drawing Stencil Paper.
for Hand Use
8-1/2 x 11" HAND STENCIL
$34.95/Box of 100
for Hand Use
8-1/2 x 11" HAND STENCIL
$5.00/Pack of 10
Spirit Purple
Spirit Green
Print Stencils Digitally
Direct from your Device.

2 Different Sets available
with or without wireless BlueTooth
Spirit Pocket Jet Kits
#11TH41 with Blue Tooth $599
#11TH42 No Blue Tooth $559
Battery Capable
#11TH43 Replacement Batteries $49
Both Sets include
S8 Pocket Jet 300 dpi
1 Box S8 Classic Purple Sets
1 Box S8 Green Sets
1 Bottle Transfer Cream for Classic
1 Bottle Transfer Cream for Green
See Instructions

Also:  Original 3M Thermal Copy Machines

When using a 3M, use a
copy-machine-copied original.
Does not work with pencil and some markers and pens.

Genuine 3M
Expertly Refurbished
Different Models May be Available
$1900.00 Refurbished
 $150.00 Extra



Use a Carrier to
Make a Better Stencil

Carrier Size 8-1/2" x 14
#11TH18, $15.95 Ea
Blue or Clear as supplied does not affect
the quality of the finished stencil.

4-Part Stencil Paper for use with 3M Thermal Copy Machines
See Instructions for using with Spirit PocketJet

1) Top White Paper. White top layer will have final reverse image on underside. Feed through stencil machine with white side up.
2) Thin Brown sheet. Protects purple coated sheet during shipping and storage.
If you leave it in, the image will be on this thinner sheet.
3) Purple layer. Crystalline violet and caruba wax, non-toxic and safe for skin.
4) Bottom Yellow sheet. Holds everything together and provides grip when sending it through the thermal copy machine. 

"By Hand" 3-Part Stencil Paper without using Thermal Copier

1) Top layer is White.

Draw directly or copy lines pressing hard.
2) "Purple" layer Crystalline violet and caruba wax, non-toxic and safe for skin.
4) Bottom sheet Holds everything in place.