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Contact Screws 
Contact Screws
Nickel Plated Brass for good conductivity.
6-32 is most common size of thread.
Only a few odd-ball machines are made
with an 8-32 contact screw thread. 
# 4BF-161, 3/4 Inch
# 4BF-162,  1-Inch
Knurled Thumb Contact Screws,
6-32 thread
$ 2.50 Each
# 4BF-163, Nickel Plate, Narrow Knurl
# 4BF-164, Nickel Plate, Fat Knurl
# 4BF-165, Brass, Narrow Knurl
# 4BF-166, Brass, Fat Knurl
Solid Silver Contact Screw $ 6.50
Thumb Screw Set Screws
8-32 Thread. Prevents the Contact Screw
from vibrating loose. $2.50/Ea

# 4BF-167 Brass
# 4BF-168 Nickel Plated Brass

# 4BF-160, Nylon 8-32 Thread $0.59/Each
Holds the Contact Screw so it doesn't slip.
Knurled Nylon threaded screw.
Threads into front standoff.

Fancy Contact Screws # 10309 Contact Points, pkg. 10  $ 6.00